Runs Deep Clasp Waist Beads

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Description: Runs Deep. You have your mother’s arms or maybe your grandmother's hips. We often curse the parts of ourselves that we’ve inherited from those we love most. So as you are working toward the next best version of yourself, remember to have some compassion for your body. We are made, literally, of our ancestors’ flesh and blood and also carry their experiences, memories, joys and traumas.

Our Clasp waist beads come with a gold-plated stainless steel lobster clasp and 3-inch chain for adjustability. They are sized in inches. The size range (i.e 28-31 in.) is due to the 3-inch chain.

To choose the correct size, measure where you would like the beads to sit. You can download our printable measuring tape here.

Materials: Glass seed beads, uncoated cotton thread, gold plated-stainless steel

Care: Wipe clean, Not intended for permanent wear.

Runs Deep Clasp Waist Beads