for every waist, for every-body.

We're dismantling misogynistic body-shaming culture one waist bead at a time. Fitbeads is continuing the beautiful African tradition of waist bead wearing as a culturally informed and body positive way to keep track of changes in a woman’s body (and life).

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Our mission is to remind women that they are beautiful at every stage of their journey. Join one of the our communities below for support, inspiration and sisterhood.


we are a black and woman-owned company.

As the stewards of our culture, we felt it was important to tell our story (our whole story) the right way and to make it relatable and accessible to women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

we support local artisans

All of our waist beads are ethically and sustainably hand-made in Ghana, by local jewelry artisans. We believe in trade, not aid. Our goal is to create jobs and meaningfully contribute to the growing number of goods manufactured and exported from Africa every year.