Mystery Traditional Waist Beads


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Surprise yourself with a mystery strand. These are new colors that we haven't officially released yet (although you might have seen a peek in our Instagram stories).

Only 1 mystery color is available right now, so if you order more than one you will get a repeat. The current color is new as of 7/30/2019.

These traditional tie waist beads fit up to 50 inches. Excess beads can be removed to fit your specific waistline.

To tie, place the strand around your waist where you want them to sit, tie 3-4 knots and trim any excess string and beads. Traditional waist beads are worn permanently (while sleeping, bathing, swimming, etc.) until they break or are cut off. If you're tracking weight loss, they can be adjusted down in size by cutting and re-tying.

Most women wear them along their panty line, but there are no rules. Go wild!

Materials: Glass seed beads, cotton string
Care: Wipe clean
Ships within 5 business days