Moon Traditional Waist Beads

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Description: The moon reminds us that life is a series of cycles. Some cycles are healthy and keep us grounded. Some are toxic and must be released and transmuted so that we can move into a new season in our lives. The Moon Waist Beads remind us to acknowledge and evaluate the cycles in our lives. What cycles hold your life together, which ones are you ready to let go of?

Materials: Uncoated cotton thread, glass seed beads

Sizing: Fits up to 50 inches. Instructions to tie are below. 

Moon Traditional Waist Beads

Built For The Journey

All of our waist beads are strung with 6-8 strands of uncoated cotton thread for durability and longevity.

Share a new tradition

with your circle

  • Gift matching strands to a bride and her bridesmaids to commemorate her big day
  • Get a set for yourself and your workout partner to track your progress on a fitness journey
  • Give matching strands to a mom and newborn baby for protection and well wishes
  • Gift a special set to a girl after her first period to celebrate her journey into womanhood
  • Get a strand for yourself or anyone you know starting a new journey or phase of life—grieving a loss, moving to a new place, starting or ending a relationship, etc.
  • Use your waist beads as a physical reminder of a goal or intention you want to manifest
  • Wear a matching set with a family member or friend as a symbol of connection (like a friendship bracelet, but around your waist)
  • The perfect gift for birthdays and holidays— they make great stocking stuffers :)

Our Promise to you

Tying on your first waist beads can be tricky. That’s why we offer a free replacement for any strand that’s tied incorrectly or breaks or within the first 7 days. Just send it back and we’ll send you a new one. We like to call it… oops insurance.