Moon Clasp Waist Beads

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Description: The moon reminds us that life is a series of cycles. Some cycles are healthy and keep us grounded. Some are toxic and must be released and transmuted so that we can move into a new season in our lives. The Moon Waist Beads remind us to acknowledge and evaluate the cycles in our lives. What cycles hold your life together, which ones are you ready to let go of?

Our Clasp waist beads come with a gold-plated stainless steel lobster clasp and 3-inch chain for adjustability. They are sized in inches. The size range (i.e 28-31 in.) is due to the 3-inch chain.

To choose the correct size, measure where you would like the beads to sit. You can download our printable measuring tape here

Materials: Glass seed beads, uncoated cotton thread, gold plated-stainless steel

Care: Wipe clean, Not intended for permanent wear.
Size (inches)

Moon Clasp Waist Beads