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how to measure your waist

You'll only need to measure your waist if you're purchasing clasp waist beads. All traditional tie waist beads start at 50 inches and can be adjusted down by removing excess beads before you tie them on.

To measure for clasp waist beads, just decide where you want your beads to sit on your waist and measure around that area. Waist beads are traditionally worn along the hips to reduce the risk of bursting under pressure. Be sure to leave room for bending, sitting and bloating!

You can download our Printable measuring tape here.

Our clasp waist beads are not intended for permanent wear because the constant rubbing and water contact will eventually damage the beautiful gold plating.

If you are looking to track your weight with your waist beads consider our traditional tie style. They can be worn permanently and can easily be adjusted down to accommodate weight loss. Check them out here!