Monthly Fitbead Challenge


Track your body transformation with African waist beads! The FitBead challenge is our monthly fitness challenge. We at Fitbeads understand that losing weight is more than chasing a number on the scale. It's about how you feel in your body. It's about witnessing your own transformation. African waist beads have been used for hundreds of years to monitor weight loss and weight gain around the waist (when you gain weight they get tighter and sit higher on your waist; when you lose weight they get loser and sit lower). We hope this challenge will encourage women to reach their fitness goals in a gentler, more conscious way.

What Does the Challenge Include?

  • 30-day nutrition guide
  • 30-day work-out plan
  • Access to a private facebook group
  • A prize for the top transformation

How Do I Join?

1. Purchase your waist beads 

2. Follow our Instagram account and like and tag a friend in a FitBead Challenge Post

3. Join the private Facebook group an post a before photo of you wearing your beads on the first day of the challenge. You will post an "after" photo of you wearing the same waist beads at the end of the challenge. The winner will be the participant who made the greatest transformation will be awarded a prize.

What is the prize?

The winner will receive:

  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Free waist beads from This Fine Print

Before the challenge officially begins you will receive your nutrition guide and work out plan as downloads in the FitBead Challenge private Facebook group. Feel free to introduce yourself and share your progress with the community. 

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your waist beads and join the challenge today!

Here's to your transformation!