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It’s cool to have body goals, but getting fit should not mean becoming a slave to the scale. Waist beads provide a body positive alternative for intuitively gauging changes within your body−from the subtle to the drastic−helping you look beautiful and stay motivated along your journey. 

Because losing weight (or gaining weight, or toning up, or just loving, accepting and maintaining) was never about the numbers anyway, it’s about how you feel in your body. Say hello to your next #noscalevictory

Use this weekly printout to track your progress and document your journey. Join our Fitbeads Care Facebook Community (formerly 30-day Fitbead Challenge) for more support, inspiration and sisterhood.

How to manage weight with your waist beads

African women often use waist beads as body shaping tool. When put on a young girl, they are believed to keep the waist tiny and encourage shapely hips and derrière. They are commonly worn along the hips, but if you want to track weight loss you can start them up higher (like at your navel) with the goal of dropping them down to your hips.

You can place your strand(s) at a specific level with one goal or you can start multiple strands in various placements with different goals for each. As you lose weight, you can re-adjust your beads by cutting, removing excess beads and retying. 

If your goal is to maintain your weight you can start them at your hips with the goal of them staying there or if you want to gain weight your goal may be for them to rise up your waist.

Remember, you don’t want to tie them on too tightly or they will pop! Leave room for bending, sitting and bloating. If you need help tying on your waist beads check out our video here link.