45 Affirmations For Self-Love

Self-love is a journey, not a destination. Of course in an ideal world, it wouldn't be so hard to love our bodies, minds, spirits, personalities and all the things that make us who we are. But unfortunately, we live in a world that seems to be intent on breaking us down no matter how hard we fight to love ourselves. This is why we have to be so intentional about our thoughts and why sharing these affirmations for self-love is important. 

What Are Affirmations?

It seems like people know that affirmations are a tool and many believe In them but what are they really? An affirmation is a short, powerful statement. Yes, just that simple. Affirmations allow you to introduce intentional thinking that allow you to reshape your reality. Some know it as speaking things into existence or along the lines of The Secret which became really popular in the early 2000's. Either way, when you change your thoughts, you change your actions thus changing your reality. Affirmations have the power to do just that. 

Using Affirmations In Daily Practice

Changing something takes practice and adding affirmations to your daily routine isn't exempt from this. Some ideas to adding this practice to your day are:

  • Writing them on your mirror and repeating them when you're looking at the mirror. 
  • Put them on sticky notes throughout your home, car, office for you to repeat while there. 
  • Taking 5 minutes, 3 times a day to repeat affirmations. 
  • Pre-record your affirmations and listen to them daily. 

Whatever practice you choose, make it something that is sustainable for YOU and that you can be consistent with. 

45 Affirmations for Self Love

  1. Today, I choose Me. 
  2. My body is beautiful and worthy of love. 
  3. I am worthy of greatness. 
  4. My heart is full of joy and I choose happiness.
  5. I am proud of myself and the growth that I've had. 
  6. I am not the sum of my mistakes. 
  7. I have everything I need. 
  8. I can create the change I want in my life. 
  9. I am in control of my actions. 
  10. I am meant to be more than average. 
  11. I love my body and all it has done for me.
  12. I am whole. 
  13. I have the power to change my life. 
  14. I believe in me. 
  15. I am worth more than negative self-talk. 
  16. I can say "No" to others so that I can say "Yes" to me.
  17. I am more than just my body.
  18. I honor my inner voice. 
  19. I am powerful--the sky isn't even the limit. 
  20. My voice, experience and opinion are valuable. 
  21. I matter. 
  22. I deserve all that is good. 
  23. I release all that is negative and causes me strife or discomfort. 
  24. I am worthy of compliments. 
  25. I am grateful for all that I have. 
  26. I attract amazing people into my life. 
  27. I am exactly where I need to be. 
  28. I am walking my own path in life. 
  29. I am worthy of my love. 
  30. I trust my body. 
  31. The more I practice loving myself, the more I become lovable. 
  32. I have my back. 
  33. I am wanted.
  34. I am needed. 
  35. I am worthy of desire. 
  36. I belong at the table. 
  37. My flaws are part of my beauty. 
  38. I am capable of reaching my goals. 
  39. I deserve to take care of myself.
  40. I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes. 
  41. I am dope. 
  42. I am authentic and true. 
  43. I have the strength to make it through adversity. 
  44. I am enough.
  45. I love myself, I'm glad I'm me.

What affirmations would you add here?