Taylor Paige Long - The Swimsuit Revolutionized

By  Taylor Paige Long - Pictured Center 

Founder of Nomads Swimwear

Throughout my experience as a designer, I've been exposed to the glacial pace that the fashion industry has taken when it comes to making size inclusion a priority. One of the many segments of the industry that this glacial pace is evident is the swimwear industry. Through my experiences as a plus-size model, I realized that there are very few swim brands that make fun, sexy swim that caters to ALL sizes. Most brand's size ranges stop at size 12/14 or XL and they do not offer sizing for curvier women. When brands do sell sizes beyond a size 12/14 or XL too often, their offerings are watered-down versions of their other designs and are substantially more covered up. So there is an entire segment of women who just happen to be curvy but are left out when it comes to finding very stylish swimwear.

As a plus-size model, I would be booked on swimwear jobs and I noticed the lack of cute plus size swimwear. I was having to model matronly and modest swim styles made for curvy and plus-size women and was often left wondering who would wear these? Where are the cute brands that have extended sizes? Enter Nomads Swimwear. Nomads Swimwear is my destination-inspired, size-inclusive, brand that creates chic, high-quality swimwear for women of all sizes. At Nomads we are wanting to bridge the gap by offering continuity across sizes in our chic, bold swim styles to show that real size inclusion is possible! It is our belief that everyone should have access to the same style of clothing, no matter their size, that is why it so important for us to be launching with an extensive size range of small-4X! Our swimwear is adorned with unique prints and patterns inspired by my own personal travels and is made with incredible fabrics that are built to last and can be enjoyed by all women. The future of swimsuits will be the creation of more inclusive brands and styles that can be enjoyed by all women regardless of size.

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