Deux Sol on Sisterhood & Individuality

In the spirit of spatial distancing, we type-chatted with twin sisters Ariam & Yodit of Deux Sol on their sisterhood and what makes them individually unique.

What/Who is Deux Sol? How do you contribute to the community?

Deux Sol is a platform created by Ariam & Yodit Solomon, to shine light on music and culture. Our podcast,Deux Sol Radio, has been a space for us to invite women from all walks of creativity to share their gifts and stories in hopes to inspire others.

As sisters what unites your creativity?

There is a unique bond that comes with being twins. Growing up, we were always very close and shared similar interests. What was undeniable was our love for learning about music and pop culture. Without realizing it, we were preparing ourselves  for a future in media,together.

As creators, what truly unites our creativity is the gift of transparency.  Being sisters, has afforded us the luxury of being bold with our ideas. We are equals, so we encourage each other to think bigger. At the same time, we always leave the door open for honest and thorough feedback.

As individuals what makes your creativity unique?

Ariam: Yodit is drawn to visuals and details. She wants us to remain intentional about the messages we communicate through our brand voice and aesthetic.

Yodit: Ariam is forward thinking. Always looking ahead and planting seeds for new ideas. She’s driven and consistently looks for ways to expand our platform when it comes to content and strategy. 

How does wellness and creativity co-exist at a time like this?

We believe that the two have a symbiotic relationship. Creativity comes from within and if you aren’t nurturing yourself, how can you nurture your ideas? Taking care of yourself first is what’s most important. Once YOU are good, your creative offerings are endless.

Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise but we owe it to ourselves to care for our well-being to survive and thrive. What is your go-to wellness routine during uncertain times?

Yodit: Before COVID-19 had taken its course, I felt like I was constantly on the go and not in the moment. Now, I have been put in a position to pause and reset. Journaling has been a tool that’s helped me process all of this. It’s been my sanctuary.

Ariam: When you watch the news, check your email, and look on social media, you are constantly reminded of the havoc COVID-19 is causing. It is important to be well informed when it comes to this global pandemic, but at times it has given me anxiety. To combat this, every morning for 15-20 mins I have been doing meditative breathing exercises. I have found it to be therapeutic  and it sets a positive tone for the day.

Deux Sol is based in the DC area and streams their Podcast Deux Sol Radio live fromFull Service Radio DC at the Line Hotel.